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 Our mission to bring more souls to Jesus and more souls to be ready for the coming of the Messiah. We have made many Christians videos mainly related to heaven, hell and the end times. We also have translated in different languages and publish many videos which has been uploaded to Youtube periodically. We have been actively making videos in youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion and GodTube. Please contact us to give us your testimonies. So we can publish to internet!  




Out ministry to focus many testimonies of heaven and hell. We also translate to different languages.

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We believe that Jesus is coming very soon! We believe that we are currently waiting for the sixth seal event in the book of revelation chapter 6. Please visit Dr JT Lee youtube site.



Jesus is Coming Soon!

Jesus is truly coming soon!

Our ministry has been approach all around the world through internet with websites and online video sharing sites. The time that our Lord is coming is very near! We have to ready!


The date of the Death of Jesus and Revival!

There are so many meanings of the death of our Lord, Jesus Christ. By the historical record, we could figure out the date of the crucifixion. There are prophetic meaning for his age. Jesus died at 3:00 pm on April 3, AD 33. Jesus had a ministry for 3 and 1/2 years. I believe that the last 3 and 1/2 years will be for the next revival years before His coming.

The Day of the Darkness Comes First Before the Rapture!

The day of the darkness is another word of the day of the Lord. The day of the Lord must come first before the day of the rapture. The sixth seal event is coming first before the seventh seal event. In any case, we must be ready for the coming of Messiah. Jesus is Holy and He is looking His brides to be holy. It is time to take away all the sins and live in a life with totally surrendering to Jesus.

Jerusalem, Whose Land?/Jerusalem Should Not Be Divided!

Dr. JT Lee will go over Jerusalem, starting with the name in Hebrew and some biblical contents. There is no Islamic record to prove that Jerusalem is their Holy City from the time of Muhammad. But there are 767 times of Jerusalem in the Bible. Jerusalem is that place where the king David reigned and where Jesus Christ crucified. There will be a war in Israel soon. Pray for Jerusalem and pray for Israel. 

Black Hole Prophecy and Revelation 12 Sign II

The black hole itself symbolizes the hell. On April 10, 2019, the photo of the black hole was released. It has prophetic meanings. M87 was found by the French Astronomer, Charles Messier who died in 1817. It also related to the Revelation 12 sign which occurred on September 23/24 in 2017. 

Netanyahu and His Prophetic Meaning/We are in End Time

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has prophetic meaning in his name. His brother, Jonathan Netanyahu also has prophetic meaning. God will use Benjamin Netanyahu as the last prime minister of Israel which was based on repeating numbers of 9s in his life. This is time to revival breaking up in Israel and other nations. Yeshua is coming soon! God bless you!

Rapture Date Revelation through Jesus Birth Date & Revival?

Watch carefully! The rapture date and month is estimated based on the Biblical Feasts. The rapture year is his personal opinion which could be any days if starting day of minor tribulation is some other times.

Dr. JT Lee started with the birth year of Jesus based on literature. He cited from CJ Humphreys who said that Jesus birth year might be 5 BC based on ancient Chinese records. Based on the year calculation, he thinks this the year the revival is breaking up. 

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